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Latest Announcement

(NB: The General assembly is only for persons who have paid their memebership for 2018 before the 30th of June 2018)

The president of the WFLD (Prof Kenji Yoshida) and the members of the board have the pleasure to cordially invite our members to participate to our General Assembly that will be held in Brussels on Sunday 30th of October, 2018  at 10 .00 am . Furthermore, the divisional general assemblies of different divisions (Asia and Pacific, Middle East and Africa, South of America and  Europe) will also be held on Sunday 30 th of September at 9.00 am , 2018  at the same venue:

Address : Rue Paul Spaak 15,  1000 Brussels, Belgium.


·     WFLD General assemblies of all divisions (Asia and Pacific, Middle East and Africa, South of America and  Europe) : 9.00 am

·     WFLD General assemblies of all members: 10.00 am

·     This date and venue are final.

·     For any inquiry or information, please, do not hesitate to contact the President, Secretary or any Division Chairperson.


·     The announcements about any other place or date for our General Assemblies is not true and aiming to generate general confusions and to disturb the WFLD activities.  Any announcement about another date or venue are fake.

·     The Prof Gutknecht Norbert (Former Chairman of the headquarter) and Dr Stracas Dimitris (former Chairman of the European Division) were discharged from their positions by the WFLD board by official notification.

·     The WFLD board mandated Prof Carmen Todea (Vice Chairperson of the European Division) to temporary lead  the division activities until the future divisional  GA and the election of the new divisional board on September 30th, 2018.

·     The Congress of Aachen 1-3 October, 2018 is a private congress and not anymore an official WFLD congress. Our WFLD board cancelled all activities of the WFLD in this congress.

·     Any information about any official event of the WFLD in the congress of Aachen is not true. We ask our members to take a great care about any news coming from Aachen congress team.


See you soon in Brussels.

Critical Announcement 1:

Dear WFLD interested and concerned people,
WFLD executive committee had an urgent meeting, and the decisions of the Executive Board are :
1- The General Assembly (GA) for WFLD will be held in Brussels; Date and Time will be announced soon. The announcement of a WFLD general meeting in Aachen (October 3, 2018) is a fake info.
2- The dismissing of Prof Norbert Gutknecht from his position as chairman of headquarter.
3- The dismissing of Dr Dimitris Strakas being Chairman of the European Division and replaced by  Prof. Carmen Todea.
4- Any payment of membership fees after the 30th of June 2018, will not allow any member to participate to the GA (No special conditions for any member)
The bylaws have to be respected by all during this sensitive period (see our website for download).


Critical Announcement 2:

As mentioned earlier in our previous announcements, WFLD does NOT support Aachen Congress anymore as it does not reflect its values; therefore it is considered ILLEGAL.
Congress organizers pretend that there is a WFLD General assembly in the last congress day as mentioned in their preliminary program! As the majority of the WFLD executive board (9 out of 11) are not attending, this General Assembly is a FAKE one.
If any of you are attending this congress for whatever reason ( already subscribed, made reservations…), please DISCARD this FAKE meeting.
All news regarding WFLD and its assembly date/time are announced ONLY on this official website.

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