Letter of the President


Dear fellow colleagues:

Welcome to the World Federation for Laser in Dentistry (WFLD) Website.

Nowadays, laser has become an essential tool for treatment and diagnosis in the field of dentistry and is growing to be an accepted modality throughout the world.

WFLD (Formally, ISLD – International Society for Laser Dentistry) has been an active international organization for advancing laser dentistry since its foundation in 1988,with the first international Congress held in Tokyo (Japan)and holding biennial Congresses ever since.

As one of the founding members, I feel very strongly the duties and responsibilities to achieve further development of our Federation. This thought has become stronger as I became the WFLD President.

WFLD is an organization of academic excellence and comprises of affiliate societies and members worldwide, with the aim of promoting oral health through developments in laser dentistry and dental care. In addition to academic activities, WFLD also committed globally to conduct educational activities such as training and lectures etc.to promote safely and properly use of dental lasers. .

Recently, several societies of laser dentistry were founded in various countries and our community is rapidly expanding. With the mission we shared to improve the safeness and quality of healthcare worldwide.

As the President of WFLD, my wish is to achieve the development of the WFLD in “peace and harmony” manner.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of the members for everything you have done for WFLD. It is my sincere hope that you will continue supporting WFLD towards the future.


Kenji Yoshida DDS.,Ph.Dr.


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Att, Sincerely Yours, Kenji Yoshida DDS.,Ph.Dr.

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