“20th Anniversary of ABLO 2011” Brazil-WFLD

By Professor Márcia Marques WFLD – SAD secretary WFLD Brazil Representative

In the closing ceremony, Professor Livio Silveira (President of the event) announced the top 6 poster presentations. The presenters were awarded with a certificate of achievement.
The main goals of the second Meeting of the WFLD-SAD were fully achieved. The Congress was very successful in disseminating new knowledge in the field of lasers in dentistry, but mostly offered support for the Barcelona meeting. The executive committee of WFLD-SAD, chaired by Professor Carlos de Paula Eduardo, made disseminating this important scientific event. Certainly, the 2012 Barcelona WFLD meeting can count on the South America Division with a significant representation. In the closing ceremony Professor Marcia Marques proposed to the audience a special meeting in Barcelona, the “Brazilian Night” with the commitment of participation, ie, over 200 participants.

Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Aldo Brugnera WFLD Elected President

Prof. Dr. Livio Silveira – Meeting Chairman

Executive Board of the WFLD-SAD

Prof. Dr. Carlos de Paula Eduardo – Chairman

Prof. Dr. Aldo Brugnera Jr. – Vice-Chairman

Profa. Dra. Márcia Martins Marques – General Secretary

Prof. Dr. Patricia Freitas – Treasurer

Executive Board of the ABLO

Prof. Dr. Márcia Martins Marques – President

Profa. Dra. Ana Cecilia Aranha – General Secretary

Dra. Rosely Cordon – Secretary

Prof. Dr. Patricia Freitas – Treasurer

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Marcos Pinotti-President

Prof. Alberto Blay

Scientific coordination

Prof. Dr. Gerdau Sousa

Prof. Dr. Marcus Ferreira

Executive coordination

Prof. Marcio Oliveira

The 2nd Meeting of the South America Division (SAD) of the World Federation for Lasers in Dentistry (WFLD) was held jointly with the 6th Congress of the Brazilian Society for Lasers in Dentistry (ABLO). The “20th Anniversary of ABLO” Congress occurred in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, from the 3rd to 4th of June 2011. The meeting was supported by Brazilian governmental research foundations, such as FAPEMIG, CNPq and CAPES; and several exhibitors (Fig. 1).

The keynote of this conference was the presentation of the clinical applications of lasers not only in dentistry but also in other health sciences such as medicine and veterinary medicine. Clinicians and researchers attended the conferences that brought the state of art of laser clinical applications. There were oral conferences (Fig. 2A, B) and poster presentations (Fig. 3A, B). There were two categories of poster presentations: basic and clinical applied researches. More than 200 academics and clinicians attended the congress.

The meeting was officially opened by the President of the ABLO, Professor Márcia Martins Marques, followed by the Organizing Chairman, Professor Livio Silveira, the President of the Scientific Committee, Professor Marcos Pinotti, the Chairman of the WFLD-SAD, Professor Carlos de Paula Eduardo, and finally by Professor Aldo Brugnera Jr., the elected President of the WFLD (Fig. 4).

Professors Eduardo and Brugnera expressed their satisfaction for the Congress organization, wished success for the event and most of all talked about the importance of the dissemination of the lasers in Dentistry accomplishments not only in congresses but also in scientific publications. During the opening ceremony and throughout all the scientific activities, it was enforced the importance in participating in the Barcelona 2012 WFLD Congress. (Fig. 5A, B)

In between the scientific presentations the coffee breaks were periods of joy, when the participants could get together for eating delicious treats and commenting the new knowledge presented in the meeting (Fig. 6).