Shedding Light on Dentistry 2009 – Congress in Brazil

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The “Shedding Light on Dentistry 2009” Congress was the 1st Meeting of the South America Division (SAD) of the World Federation for Lasers in Dentistry (WFLD). This successful scientific event was held jointly with the 5th Congress of the Brazilian Society for Lasers in Dentistry (ABLO) in São Paulo, Brazil, from the 22nd to 24th of October 2009.

Clinicians and researchers in laser in dentistry from 6 countries got together for exchanging and disseminating scientific knowledge in patient care. Thirteen keynote speakers presented the use of lasers in different fields of dentistry. More than 200 academics and clinicians attended the congress. There were 79 papers presented on scientific research and clinical techniques in laser dentistry.

During whole meeting the organizing committee members and speakers called attention to the importance in participating in the Dubai 2010 WFLD Congress. As result of such work we had more than 30 Brazilians attending the Dubai Congress.

Our honor invited speaker was Professor Norbert Gutknecht, the WFLD President, who granted us with an opening lecture entitled “A NEW APPROACH TO LASER ASSISTED BLEACHING”. His bright presentation was followed by a series of oral and poster presentations.

There were moments of joy when the participants could get together for eating delicious treats and commenting the new knowledge presented in the meeting. During one of these moments the “LASER-International magazine of the laser dentistry” was announced and received with enthusiasm by many participants.

One innovation presented in the Congress was the “Lunch and Learning” sections where the invited speakers along with a section coordinator have discussed in a welcoming environment important issues of the use of lasers in different dentistry fields.

The Congress dinner was very well participated and everyone felt very much at home. In fact, the overall feeling of participants was festive; everyone was satisfied with the presentations and also for the opportunity to meet friends and colleagues in a friendly atmosphere. The congress certainly exceeded the expectation of all organizers and participants. Professor Denise Zezell, the President of “Shedding Light on Dentistry 2009” Congress Scientific Committee and her students have worked hardly for getting grants from research foundations to support all meeting activities. Everybody congratulated her for the successful meeting.

In the closing ceremony, Professor Gutknecht highlighted the importance of Brazil in the Scientific Scenario of Lasers in Dentistry expressed by a large amount and quality of the publications in indexed journals. Then, Professor Eduardo closed the meeting with the invitation to the 2010 Dubai WFLD meeting followed by a long section of photos and hugs of all participants.

Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Norbert Gutknecht – WFLD President

Prof. Dr. Walter Nicolli Filho – Meeting Chairman


Executive Board of the WFLD – SAD

Prof. Dr. Carlos de Paula Eduardo – President

Prof. Dr. Aldo Brugnera – Vice-President

Profa. Dra. Márcia Martins Marques – General Secretary

Prof. Dr. Patricia de Freitas – Treasurer

Marina Stella Bello Silva – Website and Communication


Executive Board of the ABLO

Prof. Dr. Abílio Albuquerque M. de Moura – President

Profa. Dra. Ana Cecilia Aranha – General Secretary

Dra. Rosely Cordon – Secretary

Prof. Dr. Patricia de Freitas – Treasurer


Scientific Committee

Profa. Dra. Denise Zezell – President

Prof. Dr. Nilson Dias Vieira Jr

Profa. Dra. Patrícia da Ana,


Financial Support Committee

Zilson Magalhães

Leticia Bezinelli


Media hype Committee

Prof. Dr. Cacio Moura-Netto

Íris Lichtner

Marina Bello


Supporting Committee

Alyne Simões

Prof. Dr.Luciane Azevedo

Prof. Dr. Sheila Gouw-Soares

Prof. Dr. Christina Kurachi

Dr. Rosely Cordon

Simone Moretto

Andréa Lago

Marcelo Siroli

Felipe Sperandio

Carolina Lapaz Vivan

Caroline Dantas

Leila Soares Ferrerira

Marcio Cristófaro

Eduardo Rodrigues

Written by Prof. Márcia Martins Marques.
Text and pictures adapted from International Magazine of Laser Dentistry, v. 4, p. 42-44, 2009.

Pictures from congress CLICK HERE.