Paris 2014 at Maison de la Chimie

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A long time ago (1990), Prof. Jacques MELCER welcomed the ISLD (today WFLD) 2nd meeting in Paris. Twenty  four years later, WFLD members are invited to join the WFLD General meeting in the French capital.

Since the beginning WFLD is devoted to the development of oral laser treatments. A lot of progresses have been and are still observed. We are all aware of those progresses and WFLD members are proud to play a role in this development,

The next WFLD Paris meeting is a great opportunity to continue our efforts, with enthusiasm, to hear are new methodologies and new applications, to support young searchers in the field of clinical studies or basic research and to meet in an amicable atmosphere.

Don’t forget to join the 14th WFLD meeting. Welcome in Paris.

Pr. Dr. Jean-Paul ROCCA

Scientific President.

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