Tehran 2015 – Asia Pacific Laser Symposium

Venue: Milad Tower, Tehran, Iran. Date: 12-15 May 2015

2015 WFLD-AP Laser Dentistry Symposium-Esteemed Guests, Speakers and Iranian Dental Association Congress organizing team at the Opening Ceremony

WFLD Asia Pacific Division (APD)

The motto of WFLD-APD is to advance and advocate photonic dentistry, to bring about healthy teeth and good health, to people in the Asia Pacific regions.

For this to happen, APD has a committee team who are willing to put in extraordinary time and effort; a dedicated team that underpins the strength of APD.

This exceptional 2015-WFLD Asia Pacific Laser Dentistry Symposium, in Iran, is a powerful example of the superb contributions and close collaborations between the Iranian Medical Laser Association (IMDA), the Iranian Dental Association (IDA) and WFLD-APD, which was held in parallel with the International year of Light-2015.

“2015 International year of Light“
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WFLD-Asia Pacific Laser Dentistry Symposium in conjunction with the 55th Iranian Dental Association (IDA) congress

WFLD acting-President, Prof Norbert Gutknecht  and Chairman of AP,Dr Ambrose Chan, presented a commemorative plaque to the President of IDA, Prof Reza Ghaznavi and the President of the IMLA, Prof Reza FeKrazad at the opening ceremony, to recognize their superb contributions and  to symbolize a close collaborations and friendship between organizations.

The WFLD-APLD Symposium and 55th Iranian Dental Association Congress Open Ceremony

President, Prof Norbert Gutknecht; General Secretary, Prof Kenji Yoshida; Chairman of APD, Dr Ambrose Chan; Distinguish AP speakers: Prof Loh Hong Sai (Head of International scientific committee) , Prof Hisashi Watanabe (President of Japanese society for Laser Dentistry), Prof Jan Tuner; Dr Shigeyuki Nagai; Dr How Kim Chuan (President of ICD-Section XX), Dr Katayoun Kalhori and Mr James Carroll, as well as the esteemed guest: President of FDI, Dr Tin Chun Wong.

The year 2015 is the 55th birthday since the firing of the first ruby laser by Theodore Maiman and the 55th Iranian Dental Association Congress which was held in conjunction with the WFLD-AP Laser Dentistry Symposium. The opening ceremony was one of its kinds.
In the opening speech, the President of the Congress, Prof Mahmoud Aghel; the President of IDA, Prof Reza Ghaznavi ; and the President of the IMLA, Prof Reza FeKrazad welcome and acknowledge our WFLD acting
This outstanding Congress was a unique opportunity to bring together experts-in-the-field, researchers, clinicians, academicians, and industries from Iran and around the world, to present latest

technologies, innovations, scientific results and clinical advances in laser dentistry and phototherapy.

Through this Iran meeting, WFLD raised the interests of the World Dental Federation (FDI) and International College for Dentists (ICD) to incorporate the use of light therapy (coherence and non-coherence sources) in their future oral health projects.

Another important aspect of such event is the chance to bring diversity into unity, for the exchanging of ideas; making new acquaintances and personal friendship; facilitating future collaborations among organizations, institutions and industries; and last but not least, visiting the beautiful city of Tehran.

The good deeds from this scientific meeting

Importantly, the scientific and clinical evidence that evolved from this meeting will strengthen the understanding towards benefits of the synergistically use of lasers technology with the conventional dentistry.

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Prof Reza FeKrazad was awarded the First researcher award, Dr Hedayat Festival Award, of Iran for 2015



APD team, with great honour, was invited to take part in the celebration of the 19th Wedding anniversary of Prof Reza FeKrazad and Dr Katayoun Kalhori party, at their resident. The cruise, the company and atmosphere were second to none. Everybody had a wonderful evening and memory.

Thank you notes to WFLD-APLD Congress Local Organizing Committee.

It is a great privilege and experience for our division to collaborate with IDA and IMLA in this successful meeting. On behalf of the APD, I would like to give our sincere thanks to the President of the 55th IDA Congress, Prof Mahmoud Aghel; the President of IDA, Prof Reza Ghaznavi and the President of the IMLA, Prof Reza FeKrazad, as well as their supporting team. We would like also to give our deepest appreciation to the kind hospitality and caring, during our visit in Tehran.


Special thanks to Dr Soheil and Reza Najafi Mehri and Mehdi of Asma Seir Parvaz Tour & Travel Agency, for their attentive care and assitance for our APD team during our stay in Iran.



“We cannot believe ourselves  how  remarkable technological advancements and  Medical  and Engineering achievements, in Iran. People of Iran  are so friendly, superbly educated, extremely honest, rich in family values,  so respectful to their own culture and religions, as well as  rather keen on learning new ideas and meeting new friends from overseas. The country of  Iran will play an important role in advancing medical science and photonic  dentistry in the Asia Pacific  regions. We are looking forward to work with IDA and IMLA in the years to come”.

Dr Ambrose Chan.


Iran (Persia), west Asia the land of ancient civilization. 

Iran being an attractive tourist destination has a lot to offer in terms of its history, scenery, tradition, hospitality and cuisine”.


A note of appreciation- APD invited speakers.

We would like to end this report by expressing my deepest appreciation and gratitude to our esteemed speakers:


A/Prof Reza Fekrazad; Prof. Loh Hong Sai; Prof. Norbert Gutknecht; Prof. Kenji Yoshida; Dr Ambrose Chan; Prof. Hisashi Watanabe; Prof Jan Tuner; Dr Shigeyuki Nagai; Dr How Kim Chuan; Dr Katayoun  Kalhori and Mr James Carroll.

Who travelled a great distances from overseas, to give their valuable off-work time, to contribute their knowledge and experience to laser education as well as given their full support to the AP division. Their dedication, devotion and passion in education are truly inspiring and worthy of great respect.



This Report is compiled by Dr Ambrose Chan
Chairman of WFLD Asia Pacific Division
What holds in the foreseeable future?

According to the global dental market 5 years forecast (Grand View Research, GlobeNewswire, Nov 2014), global dental lasers market is expected to grow at the fastest  rate (cosmetic and minimally invasive surgical procedures) and Asia-Pacific market is expected to overtake  Europe’s share and become the second-largest status among all developed economies (BCC research-Feb 2015).

Iran soon becomes a key country, together with China, countries of Indo China and South East Asia, in advancing photonic dentistry in the Asia Pacific region, perhaps incorporating into the curriculum for the undergraduate and postgraduate dental training, as well as hosting a WFLD biannual congress in the nearest future.

As photonic dentistry continues to advance through research, development and education, the diagnostic, therapeutic and cosmetic use of coherent and non-coherent light sources in dentistry will become even more cost-effective and readily available to every dental practice; ultimately, more patients could benefit including those from underdeveloped and developing countries.

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