Asian Pacific Division (APD) – Laser Symposium (LS)
Venue: MAHSA Dental Faculty, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Date: 8-9 May 2013

2013 WFLD-APD Laser Symposium-Esteemed Speakers at the Dental Faculty, MAHSA University

The Laser dentistry journey of Asian Pacific division (WFLD)

A Journey is an emotional and physical experience which shapes our lives, individual’s relationships and leaves behind us with memories, quite often over shadowing the final destination.

The Laser dentistry journey of our team members in the Asian Pacific division (WFLD) was a life-changing, dynamic and compelling experience.

Like the effects of “LASER”, it brought together our team and individuals with “Energy, coherence, direction, modulation and maturation.”

Most importantly, it enabled us to encounter such experience with one another, through friendship, sharing and teamwork. This Laser Symposium was one of many examples of such experience which brought us lots of wonderful memories in this amazing journey.

35th Asia Pacific Dental Congress

The 35th Asia Pacific Dental Congress (APDC) was hosted by the Malaysian Dental Association, Asia Pacific Dental Federation (APDF) and Asia Pacific Regional Organization (APRO), from 7th-12th May 2013, at the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

With the efforts of the Chairman, Prof Ratnanesan
(President, APDF/APRO), his LOC team and 40 invited international renowned speakers, with 11 of them from the WFLD-Asian Pacific division, attracted 3,500 delegates from more than 28 countries and over 2,000 representatives from industries around the Asian Pacific region to the congress. The congress was regarded as one of the biggest APDC ever.

“Selamat Datang Ke Malaysia”
“Welcome to Malaysia”
In conjunction with the 35th Asian Pacific Dental Congress, Malaysia Dental Association and the Dental Faculty of the MAHSA University

Prof Norain Abu Talib
(Dean, Dental Faculty, MAHSA University) gave a “Welcome“and an “Opening Speech” to start off the laser meeting.

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2013 WFLD-Asian Pacific Division Laser Symposium
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Malaysia, “Truly Asia”

Malaysia being an attractive tourist destination has a lot to offer in terms of its scenery, multiculturalism, tradition, hospitality and cuisine.

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Thank you notes to APDC organizing committee:
It is a great privilege and experience for our division to collaborate with the 35th APDC, MDA and the Dental Faculty of the MAHSA University in this event. On behalf of the APD, I would like to give our sincere thank you to Prof. Ratnanesan, Chairman of 35th APDC; Dr Haja Sirajudeen, President of MDA; Prof NorainTalib, Dean of MAHSA Dental Faculty; Dr. Jacob – Laser meeting coordinator;

c01Dr Shalini Kanagasingam, scientific program/congress chairman



c2Dato Dr How Kim Chuan, congress Treasurer, WFLD-Malaysia country representative

c3 Dr Eileen Koh, speaker welfare Chairperson;




c4 Dr Rifquah Nordin, hands-on Chairperson




c5 Dr. Hussein Al-Wakeel – Laser meeting moderator
and the rest of the LOC team for their support, professional organization and outstanding team efforts in this laser meeting.

Speaker’s testimonial 

“This meeting is truly an important occasion for dentists who wish to master ‘Laser Dentistry’. Many professional laser dentists provided various useful, practical information and technical skills for participants”.A/Prof. Akira Aoki.

“I cannot contain myself for surprise about a remarkable advance of Malaysia. People of Kuala Lumpur are rather keen on laser dentistry. Laser therapy in dentistry will come into wide use in KL. I would like to support continuously for the spread of laser dentistry in the Asian
Pacific Countries”
A/Prof. Hisashi Watanabe.

Thanks for the equipment supports from the laser companies

Mediklink- Mr Tung Soon Yong,
One Dental supply- Ezekiel Tiew,
Dentsply (AMD)-Mr Andy William

Thank you notes to the 2013 WFLD-APD Laser Symposium Speaker team from the APD

I would like to end this report by expressing my deepest appreciation and gratitude to our esteemed speakers:

Second row left to right:
A/Prof. Akira Aoki ; Dr Philip Tsui;
A/Prof. Sajee Sattayut; Dr Shigeyuki Nagai;
A/Prof Reza Fekrazad; Dr Kalhori Katayoun;
First row left to right:
A/Prof. Hisashi Watanabe; Dato Dr How Kim Chuan;
Dr Ambrose Chan; Prof. Loh Hong Sai;
Prof. Kenji Yoshida.
who have all travelled great distances from overseas, to give their valuable off-work time, to contribute their knowledge and experience to laser education as well as given their full support to their division. Their dedication, devotion and passion in laser education are truly inspiring and worthy of great respect.


Just comparing this laser symposium and the laser certification course which we hosted in Malaysia two years ago, we have witnessed a rapid growth in interest and standards in laser dentistry among our audience and the Dental Faculty staff of the MAHSA University.
Hopefully, in the foreseeable future, laser dentistry will become incorporated into the curriculum for the undergraduate and postgraduate dental training in  Malaysia.
Malaysia soon becomes a key country in advancing laser dentistry in the Asia Pacific region, perhaps hosting a WFLD biannual congress in the nearest future.
As laser dentistry continues to advance through research, development and education, the use of laser in dentistry will become even more costeffective and readily available to every dental practice; ultimately, more patients could benefit including those from underdeveloped and developing countries.

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