Report: Asian Pacific (AP)-Basic Laser Certification Course (BLCC)

Venue: Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, India. Date: 16-17 Oct 2015

2015 WFLD-AP-BLCC-Esteemed Speakers at the 7 t h World Dental Show.
Second row left to right: Dr Ambrose Chan, Dr How Kim Chuan, A/Prof LiQian, Dr Shigeyuki Nagai: Front row left to right: A/Prof Reza Fekrazad, Dr Katayoun Kalhori, Prof Loh Hong Sai and A/Prof. Sajee Sattayut.

The WFLD Asian Pacific division (APD)

The motto of WFLD-APD is to advance and advocate evidence- based hotonic dentistry, in enhancing conventional dentistry for the optimal oral care of patients.

To accomplish this motto, we will need to clearly define a noble vision, a time plan, a dothing list and a new mind-set. Fortunately, the APD has a committee team which is willing

to put in the extraordinary time and effort to pursue such goals; a dedicated team that underpins the strength of our APD.

Following our successful 2015-WFLD Asia Pacific Laser Dentistry Symposium, in Iran, the 2015-WFLD AP-BLCC- in Mumbai, India, is
another powerful example of superb contributions and close collaborations between the India Dental Association (IDA) and the WFLD-APD.

7th World Dental Show (WDS)-Mumbai, India

The 7th Annual World Dental Show was hosted by the Indian Dental Association as a knowledge sharing platform that delivered the latest technologies, cutting-edge research and dentistry techniques to meet the
growing demands of the everevolving world of dental science.

WDS attracted more than 20,000 dental professionals, scientists, academicians, clinicians, researchers and policy makers

from the Indian government and allied health professionals throughout Asia. This event brought together more than 303 dental institutions and 9 dental associations.

This year WFLD-AP was invited by Dr Alias Thomas, President of IDA
and Dr Ashok Dhoble, Hon Secretary General of IDA, to host this BLCC in parallel with the 7th Annual World Dental Show in Mumbai, India.

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In conjunction with the Indian Dental Association (IDA)

IDA has a vision to achieve ‘Optimal national oral health for all by 2020”, by encouraging and supporting the Indian dental profession
in innovative training to achieve excellence.



Dr Alias Thomas, President of IDA and Dr Ashok Dhoble, Hon Secretary General of IDA, and the esteemed speakers at the Gala dinner.

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2015 WFLD-Asian Pacific-BLCC-2day

This WFLD-AP-BLCC (16th-17th Oct) was truly an important occasion for dentists who wish to master and integrate ‘Laser technology” into their daily clinical practice. Our esteemed speakers provided useful, practical information and technical skills through a series of lectures and practical demonstrations on the application of laser technology
on various disciplines of dentistry. While the audiences were
watching the demonstrations on the projector screen, others were having the opportunity of physically using laser on specimen in their hands.


Thank you notes to IDA

It was a great privilege and experience to see the collaboration between WFLDAPD and the IDA in this laser event. On behalf of the APD, I would like to give our sincere thanks to Dr Alias Thomas, President of IDA and Dr Ashok Dhoble, Hon Secretary General of IDA; Dr S. Bushra, the Scientific Chairman, Dr Afreena Khan, Scientific Coordinator and the rest of the LOC team for their support, organization and team efforts in this laser meeting.

Furthermore, a special thanks to the
Biolase laser company for the equipment support and audio-visual technical officers in this meeting.

Thanks for the equipament supports from the laser companies
Mediklink Mr Tung Soon Yong
One Dental supply-Ezekiel Tiew

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Participants’ course evaluation
This meeting attracted an amazing crowd of participants who were eager to learn and willingly engaged closely with the speakers.

Summary of participants’ course evaluation reviews:
All participants found the lecture and practical aspects of this course useful, easy to understand and comprehensive as well as being satisfied with the program content, instructor effectiveness and will
recommend this course to their friends.

Furthermore, all audience members said that they would be interested in further laser training and be involved with the WFLD-Asia Pacific activities.

Almost every body said they would be interested to become a member of WFLD.

Thank you notes to the 2015 WFLDAP-BLCC Speaker team of APD

I would like to end this report by expressing my deepest appreciation and gratitude to our esteemed speakers
Who have all travelled great distances from overseas, to give their valuable off-work time, to contribute their knowledge and experience to
laser education as well as giving their full support to their division. Their dedication, devotion and passion in laser education are truly inspiring and worthy of great respect.


This was a memorable experience for everybody involved and a powerful example of the successful collaboration between WFLD-Asia Pacific and the Indian Dental Association. We have witnessed a growing in interest and hunger for learning in laser dentistry from our participants. I believe, laser dentistry will soon be integrated into the daily clinical practice in India.

In the foreseeable future, India will become a key country in advancing laser dentistry in the Asia Pacific region, perhaps hosting a WFLD biannual congress in the not too distant future.

As photonic- enhanced- dentistry continues to advance through
research, development and education, the use of such technology will be even more cost-effective and readily available to deliver optimal oral health to every patient.

This Report is compiled by Dr Ambrose Chan Chairman, Asia Pacific Division-WFLD

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