Report of: Asian Pacific – Shanghai and Beijing Laser Symposia – March 2016

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The WFLD Asian Pacific division (APD)

The motto of Asian Pacific Division (APD), one of the five WFLD divisions, is to advance and advocate evidencebased photonic-enhancing dentistry for optimal patient’s oral care, through encouragement of research and development in various fields of laser-applied dentistry and establishment of an educational network among

dental associations and organizations across the Asian Pacific regions.

To accomplish this motto, we adopt a clearly defined noble vision, a resilient mind-set and a time plan.
Fortunately, the APD has a committee team which is willing to put in the extraordinary time and effort to pursue such goals; a dedicated team that underpins the strength of our APD.

Laser World of Photonics China-Photonics Congress

China is a rapidly growing market in photonic industry, with an annual growth rate of 15% in laser industry development. Such demand represents a great potential in lasers and optical systemsindustry in China.

The Chinese government recommends optical technologies as a key hightech industry for the future and encourages companies

to invest in scientific research and new applications which
underscore its unpassed practical values.

Laser World of Photonics China, is the forerunner of such
development, hosting an educational congress and exhibition in photonics every year in Shanghai, China- “The Photonics” Congress China was held on the 15-17 March this year.

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In conjunction with the Tenth People’s Hospital of Tongji University (TPHTU), Shanghai and Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) Beijing, China. To celebrate such collaboration Prof Kenji Yoshida, WFLD General Secretary, and Dr Ambrose Chan, Chairman of APD, presented a commemorative plaque to Prof Huan Long Qin, President, TPHTU and Prof. Zhao Jizhi, Head of Stomatology Department, PUMCH
WFLD-AP-Shanghai and Beijing Laser Symposia
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WFLD-Asian Paci fic Division and Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA), Beijing
Left to right: A/Prof Sajee Sattayut , Prof Loh Hong Sai , Prof Wang Xing, President of CSA, Prof Kenji Yoshida, Dr Ambrose Chan, and Prof Zhao Jizhi , Head of Stomatology Department , Peking Union Medical College Hospital .

Shanghai and Beijing represents both a modern and  contemporary China. The two big cities are rich in history and culture, and full of vibrant attractions; as exemplified in Shanghai Bund (left photos) and the unforgettable and magnificent Forbidden City of Beijing (right photos).

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The WFLD-AP-Laser Symposia was held at the modern TPHTU, Shanghai (left photos) and the PUMCH, Beijing, China (right photos). These hospitals have more than a hundred years of history, continually serving their Chinese patients with the latest development; they are now operating in modern buildings and facilities. The buildings are installed with state of the art equipment and technologies for patients, research and conferencing, all of which are operated by the efficient and experience medical staff.

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These Symposia attracted Chinese dental profession across 23 provinces of China, who wished to master and integrate ‘Laser technology” into their daily clinical practice. Our esteemed speakers provided useful, practical information and technical skills through a series of lectures and practical demonstrations on the application of laser technology
across a variety of disciplines. Simultaneous translation was provided by talented young interpreters.

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Group photo- Tenth People’s Hospital, Tongji University , Shanghai

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Group photo-Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing

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Instructors dressed in surgical gowns ready for the practical

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While some audiences were watching live-patients demonstration
Others were looked-over-the shoulder of instructors to carry out laser clinical simulation on specimens, Some others had the opportunities of physically using laser on specimen in their hands, under strict Laser
safety control measures.

A thank you note to CSA, TPHTU and PUMCH

It was our great privilege and experience to visit Prof Wang Xing, President of CSA, at the Chinese Stomatological  Association and to establish a close ties with the CSA and the TPHTU, Shanghai and the PUMCH, Beijing of China, in these Laser Symposia.

On behalf of the APD, I would like to give our sincere gratitude to Prof Huan Long Qin, the President, Dr Raorao Wang, the Director, Dr Zhu Lei, the coordinator and all the supporting staff of The TPHTU of Shanghai. As well as to Prof. Zhao Jizhi, Department Head, Associate Prof Li Qian, and all the supporting staff of the department of stomatology, PUMCH of Beijing, for their organization, hospitalities and team efforts in theses laser meetings.
Furthermore, a special thanks to the interpreters and the audio-visual technical officers of these symposia.

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Certificiates were presented to the participants by the esteemed speakers.

Special thanks to sponsors of their supports in APD laser education:

Shanghai Kainos Medical Science Development Co.,Ltd –
Mr Daniel Wu (CEO);
Fotona Beijing Representative office–
Miss Yanli Shang (President);
Dental Asia- Business Development-
Miss Annie Lian (Director);
Beijing Jaktone Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd.;
CAO-China Medical Equipment China Daheng Group, Inc.

Participants’ course evaluation

This meeting attracted an amazing crowd of participants who were eager to learn and willingly engaged with the speakers.
Summary of participants’ course evaluation reviews:

Almost all participants found the lecture and practical aspects of this course useful, easy to understand and comprehensive; as well as being satisfied with the program content, instructor effectiveness and would recommend this course to their friends.

Furthermore, most of the audience expressed that they were keen to participate in further laser training and be involved with the WFLD-Asia Pacific division activities.
Almost everybody would become a member of WFLD.

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Thank you notes to the esteemed Speakers
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I would like to end this report by expressing my deepest appreciation and gratitude to our esteemed speakers, Prof Kenji Yoshida, Prof Loh Hong Sai, A/Prof Sajee Sattayut, Dr Shigeyuki Nagai, Dr Kenneth Luk and Dr Ambrose Chan who had travelled great distances from overseas, toured between Shanghai and Beijing, and gave their valuable off-work time to contribute their knowledge and experience to laser education, giving their full support to the APD.

Their dedication, devotion and passion in laser education are truly inspiring and worthy of great respect and appreciation.

Upcoming the 15th WFLD Congress-Nagoya, Japan 17th-19th July 2016

This Congress is promised to be a powerful example of an inter-professional education and engaging cutting edge laser technology of the 21st century that can transform dentistry and deliver state-of-the-art patient care. The scientific and clinical evidence that will evolve from this meeting will strengthen the understanding towards benefits of the synergistic use of lasers technology with conventional dentistry. On behalf of the WFLD-APD, we cordially invite you to join us for this premium event.

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This was a memorable experience for everybody involved and a driven
example of the successful collaboration between WFLD-Asia Pacific and the Chinese Stomatological Association. We have witnessed a growing in interest and hunger for learning in laser dentistry from our participants. I believe, laser dentistry will soon be integrated into the daily clinical practice in China.

China is already leading the advancement in photonics and the Laser world in Asia. In a foreseeable future, China will become one of the key countries in advancing photonic dentistry in the Asia Pacific region, perhaps hosting a WFLD biannual congress in the not too distant future.

According to the global dental equipment forecast (Grand View Research, GlobeNewswire, Nov 2014), global dental market is expected to grow at its fastest rate in the Asian dental laser market over the next 5years, potentially lead by China.

As photonic- enhanced- dentistry continues to advance through
research, development and education, the use of such technology will be even more cost-effective and readily available to deliver optimal oral health to every patient, in developed and developing countries.

This report is compiled by Dr Ambrose Chan, the Chairman of WFLD-Asia Pacific Division

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