Compiled by Dr Igor Cernavin, Prosthodontist, Honorary Senior Fellow University of Melbourne School of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, Director and Cofounder of the Asia Pacific Institute of Dental Education and Research (AIDER), Australian representative of World Federation of Laser Dentistry (WFLD).

Hatipoglu et al1 examined the potential damage of the lasers, which are used as an alternative to manual instruments in periodontal therapy may cause to restorative materials. The materials examined were a glass-ionomer cement , a flowable composite , a universal composite and an amalgam. The authors concluded that laser irradiation did not affect the surface roughness of any restorative materials relative except for the Er,Cr:YSGG treatment on GIC.

Amid and coworkers2 examined to human gingival fibroblast viability attachment to the root surface after modification with with curettes, piezoelectric ultrasonic scalers and lasers, such as Er,Cr:YSGG. They found that lasers showed significantly lower cell viability after 72 hours compared with hand instrumentation and ultrasound, probably due to more irregular root surfaces after treatment.

Ferreira et al3 evaluated the effect of low-level laser therapy on bone regeneration at the midpalatal suture after rapid maxillary expansion using cone beam computed tomography. They concluded that LLLT had a positive influence on bone regeneration of the midpalatal suture by accelerating the repair process.

De Vasconcellos and coworkers4 assessed the effects of low-level laser therapy (GaAlAs) on the bone repair process within titanium scaffolds in the femurs of healthy and osteoporotic rats and concluded that LLLT improves and accelerates bone repair within titanium scaffolds for both groups.

Eshghpour et al5 evaluated the effect of low-level laser therapy on decreasing pain and swelling after removal of impacted third molars. Their finding was that LLLT proved effective in decreasing the intensity of pain and swelling after removal of impacted third molars and can be recommended to alleviate patients’ symptoms after surgery.

Taniguchi and coworkers6 evaluated Er:YAG laser application for periodontal regenerative surgery in angular bone defects and concluded that mean intrabony defect depth decreased from 6.0 mm before surgery to 1.0 mm 12 months after surgery.

Neves et al7 conducted a study to assess the clinical effect of photodynamic therapy in the decontamination of the deep dentin of deciduous molars submitted to partial removal of carious tissue. They found that photodynamic therapy, using 0.01% methylene blue dye at a dosimetry of 120 J/cm2 would not be a viable clinical alternative to reduce bacterial contamination in deep dentin.

Pedreira and coworkers8 conducted a randomized, blind, controlled clinical study with a sample of 24 patients to evaluate the effectiveness of an aluminum gallium arsenide (AlGaAs) infrared laser 808 nm after third molar extraction by the use of infrared thermography technique. They concluded that laser therapy was able to change the local circulation, although it did not significantly influence swelling, pain or trismus during the postoperative period.

Sandhu et al9 carried out a network meta-analysis to synthesize the evidence of the comparative effectiveness for various interventions used for orthodontic pain relief during peak pain intensity and concluded that both analgesics and lasers are effective in the management of orthodontic pain at its peak intensity.

Mettraux and coworkers10 presented their results of a two-year clinical trial following non-surgical mechanical therapy of peri-implantitis with adjunctive diode laser application. They found that non-surgical mechanical therapy of peri-implantitis with adjunctive repeated application of a diode laser yielded significant clinical improvements.

Pol et al11 investigated the therapeutic efficacy of superpulsed, low-level laser therapy (SLLLT) on neurosensory recovery of the inferior alveolar nerve after oral surgical injury. Their results demonstrated that 83.3% of the patients had a significant neurosensory recovery, as was evident in both objective and subjective tests.

Garcia and coworkers12 evaluated the effectiveness low-level laser therapy on the repair of the mid palatal suture, after rapid maxillary expansion in a single-operator, randomized single-blind placebo-controlled study and found that LLLT appeared to stimulate the repair process during retention phase after rapid maxillary expansion.

Sanhadji El Haddar et al13 compared the microleakage of three adhesive systems when using Erbium-YAG laser and diamond bur cavity procedures and concluded that the Er:YAG laser is as efficient as diamond bur in adhesive restoration procedures.


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