Greece 2017

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Name of the congress:
6th European Division Congress of the World Federation for Laser Dentistry
Thessaloniki Greece – Makedonia Palace
22 & 23 September 2017


6th European Division Congress of the World Federation for Laser Dentistry
Let’s Bring Laser Light to Sunlight

Dear Colleagues,
The World Federation for Laser Dentistry coming soon to its 40th anniversary since its establishment in 1988 is still serving the initial goal. To exchange, advance and spread the scientific knowledge that is related to laser dentistry. All divisions worldwide are contributing and working on the same wavelength. We as the EuropeanDivision, try to support our organisation with collaborations, good communication between our members and succesful biannual meetings.
Our first congress in Nice back in 2007 started this fruitful series, followed by Istanbul, Rome, Brussels and Bucharest. Every step of the way was a delightful meeting of familiar faces and friends, which accompanied the extremely interesting scientific programs.
It is with great honour that i will continue these meetings with our 6th Laser Dentistry Congress of the WFLD-ED.
We will host it in Thessaloniki Greece, with the great support of the University i serve (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and the Greek Society for Laser Dentistry (GSLD). We have planned an exciting scientific program on laser dentistry and in modern aesthetic operative dentistry in parallel.
The location of our venue, Makedonia Palace Hotel is exceptional in the heart of this colourful and lively city and we believe we can make this a memorable event. We also have tried hard, inside this difficult financial times in Europe, to keep the registration costs as low as possible which you can easily realize in comparison to past events.
We cordially welcome you in Thessaloniki on 22 and 23 September 2017, hoping to meet you all once again, strengthening also our European Division. So, let’ s meet in sunny Thessaloniki. Let’s bring laser light to sunlight.
Dr. Dimitris Strakas, DDS, MSc, PhD
Congress President
President of the Greek Society for Laser Dentistry
Chairman WFLD-ED
Dear colleagues,
It gives me great honour and pleasure to invite you to the forthcoming WFLD-ED 2017 in 22nd and 23rd of September 2017 in the city of Thessaloniki in Greece. The motto we picked up for the Congress is “Bringing Laser to Sunlight” as Hellas which is the historical name of Greece since ancient times means “the land of light”. Moreover Thessaloniki and its region Macedonia, with history that goes back thousands of years is the birthplace of two of the brightest historical persons, King Alexander the Great and his teacher the founder of philosophy Aristotelis. Of course modern Thessaloniki is also a metropolis that provides visitors with all different opportunities for leisure and good time.
Most significantly of course, our efforts concentrate on bringing on the latest developments in the field of Dental Lasers presented by international authorities, both academics and clinical practitioners giving to the participants a comprehensive thorough view of where we are standing and where developments are leading us. An innovation to the congress is that there will be also a parallel restorative-aesthetic scientific program related to the use of lasers as well.
Dear colleagues,
We are confident that WFLD-ED 2017 in 22nd and 23rd of September 2017 will meet the highest expectations and standards and I would like once again to invite you to be part of a great scientific event done under the bright greek sun, we are expecting you all……
Dr Kosmas Tolidis, DDS, MSc, PhD
Associate Professor, Dept of Operative Dentistry
Administrator of the Laser Dental Clinic – Thessaloniki Dental School
Organizing Committee
Dr. Dimitris Strakas, PhD (President)
Prof. Lambros Zouloumis (Honorary President)
Assoc. Prof. Kosmas Tolidis (Co-ordinator)
Prof. John Tzoutzas (Members)
Assist. Dimitris Andreadis
Assoc. Prof. John Vouros
Assoc. Prof. Grigoris Venetis
Assist. Prof. Paris Gerasimou
Assist. Prof. Dimitrios Tortopidis
Assist. Prof. Konstantinos Arapostathis
Dr. Athanasios Devliotis
Dr. Dionysopoulos Dimitris, PhD
Dr. Kouros Pantelis, PhD
Assistants to organizing commitee:
Papageorgiou Aggeliki
Kamea Zoi
Katsikanis Fotis
Vourtsa Georgia
Karaoulani Konstantina
Tzimas Konstantinos
Ntirlis Nikolaos
Scientific Committee
Prof. Dr. Norbert Gutknecht
Prof. Aslihan Usumez
Prof. Josep Arnabat
Prof. Umberto Romeo
Prof. Alessandro Del Vecchio
Dr. Daniel Heysselaer
Assoc. Prof. Lajos Gaspar
Dr. Peter Fahlstedt
Dr. Rene Franzen, PhD
Prof. Univ. Dr. Carmen Todea
Assoc. Prof. Sharonit Sahar Helft
Dr. Ilay Maden, PhD
Dr. Miguel Martins, PhD
Dr. Tugrul Sari, PhD
Dr. Antonis Kallis
Prof. Dr. Antoni J. Espana
Prof. Roly Kornbilt
Prof. Samir Nammour
Prof. Adam Stabholz
Prof. Dr. Paolo Vescovi
Assoc. Prof. Marina Vitale
Prof. Kenji Yoshida
Prof. Toni Zeinoun

Registration Fees

STATUS Student Post-Graduate/Phd/Master WFLD Members Non-members
Pre-registration up to1st June 2017 (€) 50 80 150 170
On-site registration (€) 80 100 170 200
Congress Bag
Printed Program
Access to Scientific Sessions and Exhibition
Coffee and Lunch breaks
Participation Certificate
Friday Welcome
Cocktail Invitation
Friday Welcome Cocktail Invitation Tickets will be sold for the price of 60€ each. Please buy your tickets fast. Limited
seat availability
Remarks The fee doesn’t include transportation to Thessaloniki. All participants must manage their own
flight. All students must provide certificate of proof. All participants must send the payment
confirmation to

Congress Sponsorship Packages

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€ (plus VAT) 1000 3000 5000 7000
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